ughhh at When theres nothing to do but drive.


sexually frustrated? masterbate.


at work. getting shit done but its hard to concentrate on multiple things youre doing when you have to write them down and what time you started and finished them. its fuckin bullshit because i dont ever have time to eat lunch. what makes you think i have time for this shit. and for the next two weeks? youre getting the most vague answers ever. bee tea dubs.

also hard to focus when you have a strong desire to hump things. i cant say i know what its like for girls to be horny but i just want to hump and get down. what do you feel like when youre horny? like you wanna get fucked? women are a mystery. im sure its like ultra complicated.

was out on a date last night and our hostess was pretty good looking and dark skinned. so my date noticed i was looking at her she was like shes pretty i was like yep. not being covert at allllll. date brings a coupon…25% off? i think i love you.

im kinda growing tired of everyone tho. being single is changing me alot. id really rather be alone sometimes. people are like lets hang out and im like ehhhhhh i have to lay down and watch some alms racing today…theyre like what? lol.┬áracing over people anyday of the week.

ugh. i need a new job.