Zer0 at When theres nothing to do but drive.


@ cars and coffee great falls va 9-6-14

highwaystar sticker sighting. unintentional portrait of candy and i. 

couple days left. gotta shave before my first day of work. 

speaking of which. tomorrow is my last day at hell job. and my boss is leaving early. fuck yeah!

AND AND AND when i get home candy will be at my parents home waiting for me all alone. i am going to cuddle her so hard. i am going to hold her so gently in my arms and let her little body keep me warm all weekend. 

sappppyyyyyy. id also like to do car stuff this weekend. i think i might be able to get a little man style car stuff in before getting raped(by candy i should clarify) the silver bullet needs a little tune up. 

this was supposed to be a short post. whoops. 

this shirt doesnt fit me. hardly any of my clothes do. need money to fix this problem. have other bills to pay. i am tired. i am tired of every ones shit at work so i am just working my ass off. you know when you are so tired you are motivated? yea. my hair and beard hair has grown back in. feels good man. never again. i wont hurt you. my exercise for tonight will be cleaning my room before candy comes over tomorrow. where the fuck is my music. is there a word for being in a cynically optimistic mood? i need candy by my side to cheer me up. i miss her radiance. that is most likely the problem. withdrawls. i hate my phone i would like a new one. i think ill do that when i get paid. also here is yet another picture of me in my mirror looking stupid. should i hit publish?

My darling. Snapped this when she wasn’t looking in Old Town. We went on two dates that night. We went out for Tapas. Then since we were down by the water we had seafood as well haha. Gosh she is so pretty. 

If you look closely you’ll see my face. And you’ll see I have been living out of my suitcase and haven’t been home long enough to clean this shit up. 


lost 3-5lbs nothing huge. will fight to keep it off this weekend. going camping. only 20+ more lbs to go hahahahaha…=\

Talking to Candy on the phone:
Candy: well i want to see 42 on saturday so no cars and coffee this week
me: boooooooo what if it rains the next weekend
Candy: what if you stop acting like a little girl
me: *falls over laughing*

so i spent the whole weekend with candy. went shopping after brunch today. she helped me pick everything out because well i’m a guy. id wear plain black, gray, and navy blue all the time if left to myself. 

i like this. although a pull over. damn it i like it. 

i’m home and not to excited about it. 


candy got this for me in italy. i dont own a ferrari so i can wear it whenever i want without lookin like a tool. 

and i cant keep my eyes open so off to bed. 

it was so nice to have her back in my arms and to touch her sweet, soft, warm skin. 

my candy is in another country for a week. anddd im dying. not really. i just long to touch her soft skin. its so radiant. like you dont get it the girl is literally a heater. her skin is so soft and always warm. before she left i tried to go over to see her as much as i could while she prepared for her trip i just wanted to stare at her. shes so beautiful. i just wanted to be in her presence. gahhh im such a sap. but im so head over heals for this girl. she is the one. so effortlessly it seemed she won my heart over too. she is just herself and loves me for who i am. i dont get it why she picked me but im glad she did. i can not wait to have her in my arms again. i will try not to squeeze her little body too tight but it will be hard to resist. thats another thing shes so cute and little. ahhhh. 

yes i know its spring. im walking around dressed like this cleaning my room.  cold down here in the basement. so im covering my head. 

winter. please go away. 

moving stuff. clearly this does not fit anymore but i do love putting on little coats. 

look at that body she was laughing at the sign

my goddess, my inpiration, my love, my Querida(candy). 

here are two pictures of my girlfriend. i dont think she will get upset because these are wonderfull pictures of her. she follows me so ill find out soon hehe.

i love her so much. 

in my 6i. headed home from work.